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Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI)


The Challenge

When a merchant completes an application for a merchant account, it must specify the type of transactions it’s going to process. If the merchant wants to process a different type of transaction, it would have to apply for an additional merchant account. For example, if the merchant indicated it was only going to process low-risk transactions, it would have to add another merchant account for higher risk transactions. Because of this, merchants with multiple merchant accounts are forced to maintain multiple gateway accounts.

Our Solution – Load Balancing Advanced Transaction Routing Interface’s Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI) or Load Balancing helps to streamline the process of having multiple Merchant IDs. With ATRI you can have multiple processing accounts and still process all your transactions through the same payment gateway. This helps merchants to save time and money, while also keeping the process simple instead of having to keep record of multiple processing accounts.

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