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Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing has a very robust, easy to use, recurring billing feature. It allows you to bill a customer a specified dollar amount on a specific day for a particular period of time or indefinitely. You can also create plans for entire groups of customers so when it comes time to update a price you only need to edit the plan and it updates all customers attached to the plan. also supports modifiable recurring batch uploads for large merchants utilizing an excel spreadsheet and needing the ability to modify any parameter they see fit.

The payment gateway has two distinct recurring methodologies:

Subscription Based Recurring Model

Merchants set a unique billing schedule for each customer. For example, a merchant may establish a billing cycle for Customer A of $20 on the 15th of every month and Customer B of $50 on the 1st of every month.

Plan Based Recurring Model

Merchants establish pre-defined billing plans and link customer(s) to the specific plan. For example, a merchant may offer a variety of services at different price points. An important benefit to the Plan Based Model occurs when the merchant updates a plan – a single change affects many customers all at once, instead of updating each customer subscription individually.

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